Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NCLEX Exam Practice Question of the Week - 2/15/12

Elsevier NCLEX Exam Review

Question: A client is confined to bed with a fracture of the left femur. He begins receiving subcutaneous heparin injections. What is the purpose of this medication?

1. To prevent thrombophlebitis and pulmonary emboli associated with immobility
2. To promote vascular perfusion by preventing formation of microemboli in the left leg
3. To prevent venous stasis, which promotes vascular complications associated with immobility
4. To decrease the incidence of fat emboli associated with long bone fractures

Answer: 1

Rationale: Heparin is administered prophylactically to prevent thromboembolic complications in clients who are immobilized for prolonged periods. It is not effective in preventing fat emboli or venous stasis or promoting vascular perfusion.

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